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Celebrating World Oceans Day: An Inspiration for Textile Designers

Today (June 8th) is world Oceans day. It's a subject that is close to my heart and features a lot in our textile designs, so I wanted to take a moment to celebrate the beauty and significance of our vast oceans. Our seas provide us with life-sustaining resources and they also serve as an endless source of inspiration for us as artists and designers.

In our work, here at the studio, we frequently look to the deep blue sea, both as inspiration and as a subject matter in our textile designs. Get in touch to see a portfolio of our work, including these ocean- themed briefs. Keep reading to explore 5 ways that our oceans can ignite the creative spark within textile designers.

moodboard for fashion and textile design showing lots of brightly coloured images of sea and marine life inspiration.
Trend Report for a client project for Spring Summer '22

1.The Colours of the Ocean:

One of the most captivating aspects of the oceans is their stunning palette of colours. From the vibrant turquoise of tropical waters to the rainbow hues of coral reefs, the ocean's spectrum offers endless possibilities for textile designers. Imagine translating these captivating shades into fabric patterns, using them to evoke a sense of tranquility or to create a bold statement piece that reflects the mesmerising depths of the ocean.

2. Organic Shapes and Textures:

The oceans are teeming with an array of organic shapes and textures that can be translated into print and pattern designs. Consider the delicate ripples of a calm shoreline, the intricate patterns of coral reefs, or the graceful movements of sea creatures. These natural elements can inspire designers to experiment with unique motifs, incorporating flowing lines, intricate weaves, and dynamic textures into their creations.

3. Themes and Motifs:

Much of our work here is textile design for womenswear summer and resort collections. We frequently work on briefs for clients based in tropical locations who want to look to coral reefs and sea creatures as subject matter for their products. Think swimwear with brightly coloured fish print designs or a sea turtle design on Bermuda shorts.

A swimming costume with a brightly coloured coral reef inspired textile design.
Swimming Costume with Coral Reef print design

4. Creative use of Sustainable Materials within the fashion industry:

World Oceans Day is an excellent opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of sustainable practices in the textile industry. As designers within one of the most polluting industries globally, we can really step up by choosing eco-friendly materials, dyes and production methods, creatively exploring innovative materials that reduce our environmental impact on our oceans.

5. Design as a communication and collaboration tool:

Designers have the power to influence and educate through our creations. World Oceans Day offers a platform to spread awareness about ocean conservation through the language of design. By incorporating ocean-themed motifs, or even partnering with environmental initiatives, we can channel our creativity to influence trends, inspire positive change and so, encourage others to take action. By joining forces with marine conservation groups, researchers, or even fellow designers, new possibilities can emerge. Through collective efforts we can create impactful projects that merge the worlds of fashion, design, and environmental advocacy, inspiring a wider audience to appreciate and protect our oceans.

As textile designers, we are fortunate to have the world's oceans as a boundless source of inspiration. World Oceans Day reminds us of the beauty, diversity, and fragility of our marine ecosystems, urging us to translate this awareness into our creative endeavours. Let's take this opportunity to celebrate our oceans, embrace sustainability, and make a positive difference through our designs. Get in touch to see more of our brightly coloured and unique print designs, including these ocean-themed ones. Happy World Oceans Day!

A pair of mens swim shorts with a brightly coloured textile design with fishes on a blue background.
Swim trunks featuring Under the Sea print design


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