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Back to the studio

Things have been a little quiet on here since I had my baby girl in March 2022.

Now I am so excited to be back in the design studio after taking a year off with the little munchkin.

textile and print design studio with a desk with brightly coloured objects, a noticeboard with inspiration imagse and lots of brightly coloured fabric swatches, and a computer screen with a multicoloured design on it.
George Prints Studio space

Although I've been working quietly on a few client projects over the past few months, it's great to be officially back in the studio, to dive into new projects, work with new clients, and continue to grow the business.

Pregnant Georgia in front of a mirror in a clients fashion design studio
Last client visit before the baby arrived!

Becoming a mum is life-changing and brings so much joy. It has also shifted how I view my work- it's even more important for me now to make sure the business reflects my values and offers flexibility. Running a design studio is all about amazing people (clients and team members alike) and stunning work.

My main goal for George Prints Studio is to create wow textile designs that stand out from the competition. I'm going to be focusing even more in the next year on researching and experimenting with different materials and techniques (bonus: the baby loves art galleries!), so we can make print designs that are not only beautiful but totally unique.

I'm also loving being able to focus on marketing and grabbing some exciting new clients. I can't wait to collab with fresh companies on winning collections.

I've been super lucky in my career so far to have built relationships with clients who are supportive, creative, and love trying new things. Working with people who share my passion for artistry and authenticity is seriously a dream come true, and I can't wait to see what kind of new projects we can tackle together. It’s also been lovely to see work that the studio has done for these clients coming out in the stores whilst I’ve been off with the baby.

I’m also really excited to be offering textile printing workshops with the amazing Leighton House museum. We ran the first screen printing workshop there in Dec 2022, and we'll be back in May with the next one; link here. Collaborating with Leighton House is a textile designer’s dream come true- it's full of inspiring patterns, colours and objects.

To take on all these goals while still enjoying the joys (and chaos) of motherhood, I'm expanding the team at the studio. Right now, we've got a team of fantastic designers working remotely on print briefs, but I'm on the hunt for someone to join me in person at the studio. I can't wait to have someone in-house working on creative projects with me and making beautiful textile designs!

I'm back in the studio, and I'm ready to take on the world (or at least the textile design industry). Being a new mum has certainly changed my perspective on life, but it's also given me a whole new level of motivation. If I can handle late-night feedings and nappy changes, I can handle anything, right? I'm excited to see what this year brings and can't wait to share all of the studio’s exciting new projects!

New updates soon, Georgia x


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