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Welcome To George Prints

Updated: Feb 9

A new website is up and running, and with that, a blog! So to start off... an introduction..

About the Studio

I'm Georgia, a print and textile designer, creating unique and bespoke prints for brands within the fashion, interiors and retail industries. I started my studio with a view to doing things a little bit differently here, and I'm absolutely loving doing it!

Focusing 100% on you, the client, I design artwork that I know your customer will buy. If you create and sell products of any kind, I can design a beautiful pattern to elevate your product. I also provide 24-hour CAD and art-working services, to support busy design teams. For certain projects, I work with a fab team of freelance designers. This ensures that we can offer designs of multiple styles, and take on large projects, for example, designing a whole collection of prints for a brand.

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About Myself

I’m Georgia, founder of the studio- I'm a printed textiles designer and fashion lecturer. I founded the studio after years of working as an in-house print designer, and then as a freelancer. I have worked on projects and prints for companies including ASOS, Markus Lupfer, Jonathan Saunders, and Next, as well as designing whole collections for womenswear wholesaler, Adini.

I also lecture at London fashion colleges- teaching CAD (Photoshop and inDesign) skills to fashion students. I absolutely love helping others to develop their skills.

I love riding my bike around London, and also ballet dancing and running. Every Monday evening you can find me at the local athletics track with my running club, running in circles for fun...! I’ve always been very active, and I actually worked in the cycle industry for years whilst I was at art school.

Why Commission Bespoke prints instead of purchasing ready-made ones?

All of our prints are tailor made for each client, meaning that you don’t have to sit for hours looking at print artwork only to settle on something that isn’t quite right. I have been an in-house designer, and understand what it's like searching for prints from studios. We work in a different way, saving you time and providing a print that is perfect for your brand. As our prints are designed-to-order, each print comes in repeat if needed and with any adjustments and requests that you require.

Because our prints are designed-on-demand, our freelance designers are paid fairly for each hour that they work. This, sadly, is quite unusual in the industry, and something that has been very important to me in how I work.

This way of working means that our artwork is of a beautiful quality. For most briefs, I will work with several designers on any one artwork…more heads are always better than one! We can produce artwork that is beautiful. unique and unlike anything else on the market.

If you'd like to know any more about the studio and would like some info on pricing and products, please contact me. I'm always happy to help in any way that I can!

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