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Hi, I'm Georgia!

George Prints Studio is a small design studio that I started in South London, designing unique commissioned prints for the fashion and interiors industries. I have years of experience as an in-house print designer, and then as a freelancer. I've worked on projects and prints for companies including ASOS, Markus Lupfer, Jonathan Saunders, and Next, and headed up print collections for womenswear wholesaler, Adini.

I started the studio with a view to doing things a little bit differently here- I love teaming up with artists and designers of varying disciplines, working together to create fabulous prints that are perfect for each client.

See my blog post about the foundation of the studio

What Does the Studio Do?

We create unique and beautiful bespoke prints to brands within the fashion, interiors and retail industries.

We focus 100% on each client and your consumer. We design a print, or series of prints, that we know your customer will buy.


We are a team of artists and designers of many disciplines,  including illustrators, painters, print- makers, and CAD specialists.


We work as a team to create a print that is absolutely unique and perfect for each client.

What Makes Us Different From Other Print Design Studios in the Fashion Industry?

Simple- our values.

Our Clients: All of our prints are tailor made for each client, saving you time. This means that you don’t have to sit for hours looking at print artwork only to settle on something that isn’t quite right. Our prints come in repeat if needed and with any adjustments that you require, with a turnaround time from as little as 2 days. 

Our Designers: Because our prints are designed-on-demand, all our freelance designers are paid fairly for each hour that they work, which unfortunately, is not the norm in the industry. Zero unpaid interships or commission-only pay here.

Because of the way we work, several designers work together on any one artwork…more heads are ALWAYS better than one! This way we can produce artwork that is unique and unlike anything else on the market.

If you'd like to know any more about the studio and would like some info on pricing and products:

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